Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' video: The five saddest moments in GIF form

miley-cyrus-wrecking-ball-gifs.jpg Miley Cyrus released the video for her new single, "Wrecking Ball," on Monday (Sept. 9), and, keeping in line with the song's expression of emotional vulnerability, the Terry Richardson-directed clip finds Cyrus as broken down (and stripped down) as we've ever seen her.

Let's take a look at the videos five most emotional moments, as only GIFs allow.

5. Miley broke down all the walls, but she lost all her clothes. :(

miley-cyrus-naked-ball.gif4. Miley's suffering from some serious angst.

miley-cyrus-wrecking-ball-angst.gif3. Miley cries real tears.


2. Seriously, just look at this cry face

miley-cyrus-wrecking-ball-cry-face.gifand 1. Miley licks a sledgehammer.


Of course this is the saddest GIF because this moment is absolutely unnecessary in the video. 95% of "Wrecking Ball" feel emotionally authentic -- and then its star licks  an iron mallet. If ever there was a time to leave the needlessly sexy out, it was this video.

Which moment of the "Wrecking Ball" video do you think is the saddest?

Photo/Video credit: Internet - Fair Use