Miranda Kerr goes topless for Orlando Bloom, wears $2.5M bra for Victoria's Secret

miranda-kerr-bra-gi.jpgMotherhood hasn't slowed down Australian model Miranda Kerr. On Tuesday (Oct. 18), Kerr posed with a jewel-encrusted $2.5 million dollar bra that she'll be wearing in Nov. 29's annual Victoria's Secret fashion show, but for husband Orlando Bloom she was happy to go topless in a new add for Rag & Bone.

First things first: The pricy sea-foam blue "Fantasy Treasure" brassiere (which won't be available in Victoria's Secret stores) was inspired by sea shells and is encrusted with 142 carats of diamonds -- not to mention pearls and aquamarines. The top of each cup is scalloped to resemble a shell. Dangling strands of pearls and beads complete the look which has a retro "I Dream of Genie" vibe going.

The Rag & Bone ad was shot by Bloom as part of the brand's new "DIY" campaign. Kerr doesn't appear to be wearing any make-up (though she still looks better than us after our best attempts at face painting), her hair is mussed and she's looking back playfully at Bloom.

The model, who gave birth to son Flynn in January, went back to work for her first nude photo shoot in October.


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images