Misha Collins and wife Victoria Vantoch expecting baby No. 2

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misha-collins-baby.jpg "Supernatural" angel-gone-rogue Misha Collins is set to welcome another child with his wife, Vicki Vantoch -- and soon. (In fact, the baby may have already arrived. Collins is ever so mysterious.)

The actor was scheduled to meet fans in Dallas at Creation's Salute To Supernatural convention, alongside costars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, but he had to cancel the appearance at the last minute as he was awaiting the birth of baby No. 2. The series' Lucifer, Mark Pellegrino, stepped in as a last-minute replacement.

"Misha Collins is awaiting the imminent birth of his new baby and is unable to be with us this weekend," said Creation in a statement. "We all join in on wishing the Collins family a successful and happy birth!"
Collins and Vantoch are already parents to two-year-old West Anaximander (pictured). Vantoch is a writer and sexuality historian who literally wrote the book on threesomes, as Collins once pointed out to Charlie Sheen.

We're looking forward to Collins' official baby announcement. When he and Vantoch welcomed West, the news came in the form of a rather unconventional tweet: "I've been busy training our newest operative the past eleven days. He makes Rambo look like a delicate rose petal," he wrote. "Like a bee, he can smell fear. Unlike a bee, he likes boobs and needs frequent diaper changes. I like him."

Photo/Video credit: @MishaCollins via Twitter