Miss Indiana sends Twitter into a tailspin over her 'normal' bikini body

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miss-indiana-usa-2014-bikini-full.jpgMiss Indiana Mekayla Diehl may not have walked away with the title of Miss USA 2014 on Sunday (June 8), but she certainly got people talking.

Twitter went crazy as Diehl strutted her stuff in her white bikini during the swimsuit competition. But how does one stand out in a sea of beautiful women? While all the contestants are in tip top shape, Diehl won immense praise for her curvy, toned and "normal" physique.

Sadly, Diehl didn't make the top 10, but she definitely walked away with a lot of new fans.

Check out a sampling of her Twitter raves below. 

Miss Indiana shows you don't have to be super skinny to be beautiful.

Photo/Video credit: NBC/Universal