Miss Universe 2010: Mommy, I want to go as Miss Kazakhstan for Halloween

miss-universe-miss-usa-rima-fakih-costume-large.jpgNow that all of last week's fuss about the body-painting, tops-optional Miss Universe swimsuit photo shoot has died down, it's time to check out the really important stuff. Namely, the contestants' national costumes.

Miss USA Rima Fakih is channeling the not-so-bald eagle, but while she has an arrow, there's no bow to shoot it with. So by default Miss Italy Jessica Cecchini and Miss Swizerland Linda Faeh -- who both yield swords -- are much more hardcore. Can you imagine if the kids on "Toddlers & Tiaras" did the same?

And when it comes to birds, Miss Albania Angela Martini has way more rock-n-roll glitz/Las Vegas glamour going on.