Miss Universe 2012: Who knew Lady Liberty could be so sexy?

We've already seen them in their swimsuits and their high fashion lingerie. Now the Miss Universe 2012 contestants are strutting their stuff in national costumes. We have all the lovely ladies for you, in all their glory in our gallery, and here are a few of our favorites:

Miss Curacao, Monifa Jansen, works the stage in an eagle costume with wings to rival those of the Victoria's Secret angels. Paging Justin Bieber ...

Miss Bahamas, Celeste Marshall goes for a sexy Pirates of the Caribbean theme. Yo ho, yo ho ... What would Walt Disney think?

Miss Great Britain, Holly Hale, sports a British flag jumpsuit and go-go boots combo that would make Ginger Spice drool.
Miss British Virgin Islands, Abigail Hyndman, dons a massive coral reef headpiece, with sea shells dripping down her face. Oh, the things we'll do for, um ... beauty?

And finally, Miss USA, Olivia Culpo, is a sexy, sheer, stars-and -stripes-laden Miss Liberty. Of course she is.

The 2012 Miss Universe Competition airs live from Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Dec. 19 on NBC.
Photo/Video credit: Fair Use