'Modern Family': Phil and Claire have a five-year plan

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julie-bowen-ty-burrell-modern-family-snip.jpg "Modern Family" returns from its one-week presidential debate break with a pair of new episodes Wednesday (Oct. 10), and there are milestones aplenty in both.

In the first, "Schooled," Haley ( Sarah Hyland) heads off to college and Lily ( Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) goes to kindergarten. Tearful moments from their respective parents abound, although Mitchell ( Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam ( Eric Stonestreet) are less proud when Lily gets into a tussle at school.

"Schooled" also introduces Wendi McLendon-Covey ("Bridesmaids") and Michaela Watkins ("New Girl," "Saturday Night Live") as the lesbian couple whose son Lily fights with -- and who are less than enamored with Lily's dads.

The second episode is called "Snip," and it takes its title from Phil ( Ty Burrell) planning to get a vasectomy. It's all part of his and Claire's ( Julie Bowen) five-year plan to wring as much enjoyment out of their empty-nest status as possible once Luke ( Nolan Gould) is out of the house. Let them explain:

"Modern Family" airs back-to-back episodes at 9 p.m. ET Wednesday on ABC.
Photo/Video credit: ABC