'Modern Family': Sofia Vergara's Gloria will never be mistaken for Julie Bowen's Claire

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On the hit ABC series "Modern Family," Gloria ( Sofia Vergara) and Claire ( Julie Bowen) both are hot moms, but their styles are as diverse as their personalities.

"Gloria wears a lot of color and patterns that reflect her passion and over-the-top nature," costume designer Alix Friedberg tells Zap2it. "All of [Claire's] costumes are simple, clean and easy for a mother of three to navigate a full schedule."

Friedberg's goal is to help make the characters relatable with costumes that feel very organic.

"I'm really lucky to have two incredible bodies to work with," she says. "In dressing the characters, I think it's my responsibility to make them tangible for the average person."

Gloria is very flamboyant whereas Claire is more controlled, and their wardrobes enhance those aspects of their characters.

"Gloria's clothes always are skin-tight and painted on," Friedberg says. "Sofia does not wear Spanx, she does look like that in reality. She is that perfect. Her incredible physique is a blessing and a challenge. Everything needs a two to four-way stretch in addition to alterations when you have a body that is unrealistic to most people."

Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg, Dolce & Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli are among the designers Friedberg uses for Gloria, but she mixes them with more affordable brands such as Cache and Bebe. She also uses pieces from Vergara's Kmart collection that is "very Gloria-inspired," including a lot of purses. Shoes often are Sam Edelman, Louboutins and Jimmy Choos, and the higher the better.

Here are some typical casual looks for Gloria -- always worn with large colorful earrings and heels:

"The purple leopard V-neck sweater is Dolce & Gabbana. The jeans are Hudson, and the jacket and purse are both Sofia Vergara collection."

"This tan coat is Gucci."

"The blue cardigan is Diane von Furstenberg and the jeans are Hudson."

Claire is constantly doing things for the kids, so Friedberg puts her in a lot of denim, including J Brand, Current Elliott and Mother Jeans, that she pairs with a wedge shoe and sometimes a low sneaker.

"The inspiration for Claire has always been wash and wear," she says. "Her clothes should always feel like nothing too precious, definitely clean lines, V-necks, scoop necks, solid colors. We use a lot of warm pinks, coral, wine and lavenders on her. When she gets dressed up, it's often a pencil skirt and a print blouse. Theory looks great on her for skirts. A little flowy is better. [Julie's] got a very straight torso, smaller hips and a wider waist, so drapier gives her more curves."

Friedberg tries to shop where Claire would shop. James Perse, Banana Republic, Splendid and J Crew are favorites. Claire is a runner, and her exercise clothes are a lot of Lululemon, Gap Body and Nike. Her sneakers are Asics.

"Julie is a runner herself and she runs in Asics, so we use those because she is comfortable in them," she says.

Here are some outfits that illustrate everyday Claire:

"The burgundy hoodie is by James Perse and coral tank is by Splendid."

"This is a heather grey scoop-neck by James Perse and J Brand jeans."

"The coral striped T is by Splendid and the vest is Patagonia."
Photo/Video credit: ABC