'Modern Family': The return of Fizbo the Clown

If you've seen the on-air promos for Wednesday's (Feb. 16) "Modern Family," then you know that Cameron ( Eric Stonestreet) is itching to re-assume the identity of Fizbo the Clown.

Mitchell ( Jesse Tyler Ferguson), however, is not really down with the idea, as you can see in the clip above. And for once, we think the often-uptight Mitchell may have a point: Lily's dad should be there as her dad, not as the entertainment.

It's probably not that simple -- because where's the comedy in that? -- but we're looking forward to seeing how it goes down. The episode, "Princess Party," also features a returning Shelley Long as Mitchell and Claire's ( Julie Bowen) mom, DeDe, and Matt Dillon as Claire's high-school boyfriend, whom DeDe invites to the birthday party.

"Modern Family" airs at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.
Photo/Video credit: ABC