'Modern Family' vs. 'Community': Vying for the number 1 new comedy spot

juliebowen.jpgWe TV fans -- those of us who truly appreciate comedy -- are a bit spoiled with this fall season.

Not only is Courteney Cox's new sitcom "Cougar Town" legitimately funny -- It premieres tonight on ABC, but I just previewed the second episode which is far better -- I also kind of giggled through CBS' "Accidentally On Purpose" with Jenna Elfman and FOX's "Brothers" with Michael Strahan.

That said, the real gems right out the gate are NBC's "Community" with Joel McHale and Chevy Chase, which debuted last Thursday after "The Office," and ABC's "Modern Family" with Ed O'Neill, Julie Bowen and several other stellar actors, which begins this evening.

Following three suburban families -- one traditional, one gay, one a sort of multi-ethnic second marriage type deal -- the writing is spot on, the comedy is well-executed and I'm really kind of psyched to see where it goes from here.

I sat down with Bowen and her on-screen husband Ty Burrell just recently to talk about the show...


Could this be the beginning of a renaissance period for TV sitcoms?

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