'Modern Family's' Ariel Winter: Emmy dress too sexy for 13?

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ariel-winter-emmys.jpgNo question about it, Ariel Winter -- who plays the bookish younger Dunphy daughter on ABC's "Modern Family" -- is a pretty girl. But at Sunday's (Sept. 18) Emmy Awards, Winter was also a little bit sexy -- at least for a 13-year-old.

It took us a second to recognize Winter, who plays Alex Dunphy, without the glasses and, umm, fabric covering her torso. The young actress (did we mention she's 13?) showed up wearing a sweet enough pale pink lace gown that had a major lack of fabric in the general cleavage area.

And it was definitely noted by the Twitter-verse:

"Ariel Winter, the Christina Hendricks of 13 year olds." -- @thejordache

"I think next season ariel winter and sofia fergara [sic] will be confused as twins." --

"Ariel Winter looks as if she's aged by about four years over hiatus." -- @HoltAshleyN

We have to agree. She literally could have swiped from co-star Sofia Vergara's closet.

But what do you think -- was Winter's dress appropriate?


Photo/Video credit: ABC/Getty Images