'Mom's' Anna Faris: 'I had a Barbie whorehouse' with murder mysteries as a child

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"Mom" star Anna Faris stopped by "Conan" Wednesday night (Oct. 23), where she talked about
her Barbie Dream House growing up -- it was not a house of dreams, it was a house of ill repute.

"I was fascinated with murder as a child. ... I would create Barbie murder mysteries. One Barbie would die and the rest of the Barbies had to figure out who the murderer was," says Faris. "It was usually Peaches 'n Cream. She's like a Southern Belle Barbie. You gotta keep your eye on ol' Peaches. She'll kill ya."

"My mom doesn't know this, so please don't tell her," Faris continues. "There was a weird sexual component to it. Yeah, ol' Peaches. I had like a ... Barbie whore house?"

"You can still find those on eBay," cracks Andy Richter.
Photo/Video credit: TBS