Monopoly game piece being retired, a new one taking its place - vote now!

monopoly-game-piece.jpgDo you have a favorite Monopoly game piece? The top hat? The Scottie dog? The iron? Well, it's time to pick a side, because Monopoly is putting the iconic pieces up to a vote and the one that garners the fewest is being retired and replaced with a new piece.

The voting is open now through Feb. 5 on the Monopoly Facebook page. You can vote once a day to save the battleship, dog, iron, racecar, shoe, thimble, top hat or wheelbarrow. You can also vote for the replacement piece. The choices are a cat, a diamond ring, a guitar, a helicopter or a robot.

We're putting our money on the iron to get the boot. As for the new tokens, we're kind of partial to the kitty cat. What do you think, game fans? Which pieces get your votes?

Photo/Video credit: Facebook