More 'Amazing Spider-Man' pics revealed - Emma Stone rocks some knee socks

emma-stone-spider-man-2.jpg "The Amazing Spider-Man" is still six months away, but the juicy tidbits of the reboot of the franchise are trickling out. First the official poster was released earlier this month. Now there area few new production stills to whet your appetite.

We like the above picture of Emma Stone as the blonde cutie Gwen Stacy. We aren't sure how we feel about that particular hair style, but we love her rockin' the knee socks. The one below of star Andrew Garfield swinging on the chain we would guess is him discovering his powers? And/or training them?

And hey - we didn't actually know Denis Leary was in "Spider-Man," so that's cool. He plays George Stacy, Gwen's father.

"The Amazing Spider-Man" opens nationwide July 3, 2012. Are you getting excited, fans? Is your Spidey sense a-tingling?


Photo/Video credit: Columbia Pictures