More 'Mad Men' Season 5 teasers: Betty, Joan and Peggy -- yep, they're back, too

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mad-men-betty-smile.jpg "Mad Men" doesn't return to AMC for more than a month, but the network is already busy creating buzz for its flagship show. In the past few days, several teaser clips re-introducing key characters have been released to pique our interest. Short of hiring someone to buy a canned ham in an attempt to create a canned-ham feeding frenzy, we think it's an ingenious marketing plan and one of which Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce would be proud.

First up, Betty Draper Francis ( January Jones), whose watchwords are "jealousy," "romance" and "mom." That last word is punctuated by footage of Betty slapping daughter Sally ( Kiernan Shipka) across the face. Timing is everything.

We also get vintage Joan Holloway Harris ( Christina Hendricks):

And, finally, the ambitious Peggy Olson ( Elisabeth Moss): 

See the previously released teasers for Don Draper and Roger Sterling and Pete Campbell at the links.
Photo/Video credit: AMC