Morgan Freeman hoax: Actor's supposed statement on Newtown isn't his

morgan-freeman-newtown-facebook-hoax.jpgWhatever thoughts Morgan Freeman has on the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., on Friday, he hasn't shared them with the world. So that thing you saw Facebook over the weekend? Not from him.

The actual post is real, but it came from "a dude named Mark in Vancouver," according to a Reddit thread about the post. The user who pointed it out says a "couple of us thought it'd be funny, since it was a well written article, to attribute it to Morgan Freeman."

The post -- which essentially blames the media for shooter Adam Lanza's mass murder at an elementary school -- did indeed go viral, making the Reddit front page and showing up on countless Facebook feeds.

A rep for Freeman, however, tells On the Red Carpet that he didn't write the post. "He did not write nor release this statement," the rep says. "To date he has not released any statement."

Freeman's actual Facebook page was last updated on Friday (Dec. 14) with a link to a "Today" show interview he did about his upcoming movie "Last Vegas."

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images