Most Crushworthy First Love 'Ships: Vote Stefan and Elena, Sam and Jessica, and more

zap2it-crushworthy-first-loves.jpgLast February, Zap2it hosted the TV's Most Crushworthy contest, when "Supernatural's" Dean Winchester and "Glee's" Santana Lopez won the coveted title of Ultimate Crush. We're at it again for 2013 -- but this time, love is in the air! Yes, it's time to vote for your favorite TV 'ships in all the most important categories, like Best First Kiss and Most Devastating Breakup. Two new categories will open every day this week, and then next week, we'll narrow it down to Round 2 -- and so on, until we can name our Ultimate TV 'Ship.

Next up, we're voting on the best first love 'ships! They may not have ended up together, but they were sweet first loves! Think Rory and Dean's first date as supervised by her mom, Joey climbing the ladder to Dawson's room, and Matt before Elena fell for those pesky vampires.

For this category, we gathered your nominations from Twitter and added a few of our own favorites. If your fave isn't on the list, feel free to write-in a nomination in the comments below! If we get enough comments, we'll add it into the next round. (Just be sure to keep the comments respectful, guys -- this is just supposed to be for fun.)

Note: Fans can vote one time per IP address. You can help give your favorites a boost by spreading the word on social media! You can also vote on the most crushworthy first kiss, an the most crushworthy ship that Tumblr sails, favorite parental 'ships, and more.