Most Crushworthy 'Ships: The devastating break ups -- vote for Kurt and Blaine or Stefan and Elena

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most-crushworthy-kurt-blaine-stefan-elena.jpgIt's time for Round 2 of our Most Crushworthy competition -- the 'ships version! Last week, fans voted on the most devastating TV breakup -- you know, the one that made you rend your garments and wail that you just needed them to get back together. With 35 splits to choose from, not to mention all the write-in votes, there was a lot of competition, but "Glee's" Kurt and Blaine definitely led the pack.

The "Klaine" fans have been kicking butt and taking names all over our Crushworthy polls, but perhaps "The Vampire Diaries'" Stelena fans could make them sing for their supper? Yes, Stefan and Elena were the second-most devastating break-up.

Kurt and Blaine's split was particularly painful because it involved cheating -- Blaine had hooked up with a guy he met on Facebook when he was feeling left out of Kurt's snazzy new NYC life. Stefan and Elena, however, broke up because he just couldn't understand the new vampire version of her -- particularly her deepening connection with her brother, Damon. (That pesky sire bond!)

Who were you most desperate to see get back together? Vote in the final round below. Fans can vote one time per IP address; polls will close after one week. You can help give your favorites a boost by spreading the word on social media! Vote in more Crushworthy polls right here.

Photo/Video credit: FOX, The Cw