'Mr. Sunshine's' Andrea Anders: Accidental biting and 16 other confessions

andrea-anders-mr-sunshine.jpgIf James Michael Tyler -- aka Gunther the barista -- is the seventh "Friend," then Andrea Anders might well be the eighth. She's co-starred with two of the classic sitcom's leads -- Matt LeBlanc in "Joey" a few years ago and now Matthew Perry in ABC's "Mr. Sunshine," and she's worked for "Friends" co-creator David Crane on another show, "The Class." (And, oh yeah, she and LeBlanc are also dating.)

On "Mr. Sunshine" (which airs at 9:30 p.m. ET Wednesday on ABC), Anders plays Alice, the head of marketing at a sports arena that Perry's character Ben runs. The two have had a friends-with-benefits relationship for a while, but she decides she wants something more stable -- and has found it in their co-worker Alonzo ( James Lesure), at least for the moment.

Anders -- who also starred in the late, lamented "Better Off Ted" -- has says she doesn't quite relate to the juggling-two-guys aspect of Alice's character, but there's one thing that viewers will likely see in a future episode that's plucked directly from her life: "Matthew took the idea from a conversation we had on set, so it's very much like myself in real life," she tells Zap2it. " ... Let's just say it has to do with self-help."

Could it be related to her answer to question 15 below? Possibly -- read on in Anders' Zap2it Celeb Slam Book to find out about that, and the time she accidentally bit a fellow restaurant patron. That and 16 other confessions after the jump ...

Photo/Video credit: ABC