'MTV Movie Awards': Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Macklemore and more fashion flashbacks

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rebel-wilson-iron-man-mtv-awards-2013-gi.jpgAs sleek as Justin Timberlake is, there was a time not all that long ago when he wasn't.

And as outrageous as Miley Cyrus has become, there was a time, even more recently, when she was demure.

Both those looks popped up on the MTV Movie Awards over the years. The show inspires cutting-edge fashion, and everyone will be looking for that during the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, airing Sunday, April 13.

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Last year, host Rebel Wilson, with her intentional wardrobe malfunction, exposed a fake breast and donned an Iron Man suit, about which the less said, the better. With Conan O'Brien hosting this year, at least the peekaboo fake breasts are unlikely.

Over the years, many artists have made fashion statements they're probably trying to blot from memories. But MTV opened its photo vault to Zap2it, and with that we do a little dance down fashion's memory lane at the MTV Movie Awards.

nsync-mtv-movie-awards-2000.jpgBefore Justin Timberlake was a smooth, tuxedo-clad solo act, in 2000 he sported cornrows, a glitter bandanna, paint-splattered baggy pants and a two-tone blazer.

This proves that with the exception of the perfect pair of Levi's, which are timeless, jeans fall victim to trends just as much as hemlines.

Someone must have thought those randomly placed zippers on Lance Bass' pants were cool. Chris Kirkpatrick's studded vest and matching necklace could be some suburban grandmother's idea of menacing.

JC Chasez embraces his inner Morticia Addams with those lace sleeves. And Joey Fatone's short-sleeved leather coat makes about as much sense as high-heeled sneakers. Let's just be happy that they outgrew these looks.

miley-cyrus-mtv-movie-awards-2009-gi.jpgWhat a difference five years make.

In 2009, Miley Cyrus was still "Hannah Montana," and it's unlikely Disney would have approved of the outfit she almost wore to the last MTV Awards show in 2013, when she put twerking on the international radar.

Here her blue nails are the most outrageous aspect of this outfit. She wears a drapey necked halter, baring her shoulders and showing she's not a little girl anymore, but even the length of the dress, above the knee but not a true mini, gives no indication that she would later be performing in less than what's likely under this outfit.

macklemore-ryan-lewis-mtv-movie-awards-2013-gi.jpgAt last year's MTV Movie awards were Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Not everyone can carry off gold brocade epaulets and the sort of gold fringe usually found on theater curtains. And maybe Macklemore, who continually cleaned up at awards shows last year, set the trend for this season's predominant shade of cobalt blue.

sacha-baron-cohen-mtv-movie-awards-2009-gi.jpgPerhaps apologies are in order for reminding people of Sacha Baron Cohen's 2009 ensemble. He wears a leopard hat, shirt, bikini briefs and booties. And if this doesn't make leopards change their spots, nothing ever will.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, MTV