MTV VMAs 2011: Tyler the Creator wins best new artist, disses Bruno Mars

tyler-the-creator.jpgCrisis averted. Tyler the Creator, winner of the MTV VMA best new artist for 2011, won't be killing himself Sunday (Aug. 28).

Let's back up: During the pre-show, when Tyler realized he was at the bottom of MTV's gimmicky Tweet Tracker while Bruno Mars was up top, he told MTV host Sway that that Mars' music "sucked." Not only that, but that if he lost the best new artist award to Mars, Tyler said, "I might kill myself."

The Twitterverse was quick to point out that Tyler's winning single, "Yonkers," contains potentially homophobic lyrics.

"140 characters is but a fraction of what is required to express my contempt for the misogynist, homophobic mess that is Tyler 'the Creator," tweeted @planethitthesun.

Others noted that most of his acceptance speech was indecipherable since it was mostly bleeped out:

"I wanna ███ thank everyone ███. I've been dreaming about this ███ since I was 9! I just wanna ███. I can't ███ & ███" - Tyler, The Creator.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Photo/Video credit: YouTube