MTV's 'WakeBrothers' clip: Meet Bob's alter-ego Ginger Snap

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wakebrothers-bob-soven-1.jpgLast week, MTV's newest docu-series "WakeBrothers" debuted, introducing the world to professional wakeboarders Phil and Bob Soven and their insane group of friends. In this Thursday's episode, we'll see what happens when the guys travel to New York City for a photoshoot -- and instead decide to track down a real-life vigilante superhero.

Phil plans to spend the night out on the town going to NYC clubs. Bob has other plans when he hears about the "Dark Guardian," a 25-year-old citizen from Staten Island who decided to take on a superhero identity in order to patrol the city and stop drug dealers from peddling their goods in Washington Square Park.

Bob has a slightly different idea of heroism, as you can see in Zap2it's exclusive clip below. "It's amazing. Eight million people here and he's still the weirdest one."

Tune in to MTV's "WakeBrothers" on Wednesday night at 11:00 p.m. EST.

Photo/Video credit: MTV