'Muppets Most Wanted' Golden Globes ad skewers Twitter commenters

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The latest movie in the Muppets pantheon, "Muppets Most Wanted," aired a delightful new commercial during the 2014 Golden Globe Awards.

"Critics across the internet are outraged that 'Muppets Most Wanted' was not nominated for 247 awards," intones a serious voiceover. Then the ad proceeds to make fun of the all-too-frequent conversations on Twitter where users show their "ignrence." It's a fun addition to the previous "Most Wanted" ad that also involved fake Twitter accounts -- "squeeeeee, sideways winkie-face."

"Muppets Most Wanted," boasting an all-star cast that includes Tom Hiddleston, Tina Fey, Salma Hayek, Christoph Waltz, Ty Burrell, Zach Galifianakis, Ray Liotta, Danny Trejo and Lady Gaga, hits theaters March 21.
Photo/Video credit: Disney