'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding': Tony can't marry a non-Gypsy

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gypsy-wedding-tony.jpgCurrent British and world cage fighting champion Tony, the latest subject on TLC's "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding," has a pretty great professional life -- he is a title-holder in his field -- and personal life -- he's expecting a child with his gorgeous 28-year-old model girlfriend.

But his family doesn't approve. In Zap2it's exclusive of Friday, April 13's episode, Tony's dad says that Gypsies marry their own. "A Traveler marries a Traveler," his father explains. Three of Tony's siblings are married to Gypsies, but his girlfriend Danielle is a non-Traveler.

In addition, she's a topless glamour model, which is looked down upon for moral reasons by Gypsies. That doesn't sit well with Danielle, who says she wants Tony's family to accept her before they have contact with their grandchild. "If you can't get to know me, then there's no way that my child is growing up and staying with you."

Check out the video below:

Photo/Video credit: TLC