'NYC Prep': Party down

Nycprep_pc_290 "NYC Prep" is ready to party this week, with the teens attending not one but two drama-filled soirees that managed to hold my attention for the full hour. It's a miracle!

Pre-parties, Camille goes to a gallery with Sebastian. It starts as a simple (and obviously producer arranged) afternoon, but quickly devolves into a disaster when they compare notes about their love lives, or lack thereof. Man, high schoolers are vicious. Camille is more concerned about her upcoming Harvard visit, however. She, Kelli and Maite meet with the most horrible Harvard faculty member who proceeds to insult them all and act generally superior. Ew. Thank goodness their student tour guides seemed a bit less pretentious.

Jessie is still raging over PC's new unsavory friends and the general downward spiral of his life. Kat tells Jessie to let PC fail, but Jessie basically says she just needs to stop being friends with him for good because watching him fail will be too difficult. Yawn. Jessie, please listen to Kat. She might be the most sensible person on this show. Later, Jessie works on her Operation Smile event.

Eventually, pretty much the entire cast ends up at the NYC equivalent of a house party (except it takes place in a posh restaurant instead, because houses are so 2007). PC tries to engage Cole and Taylor in a conversation about last week's fashion show, but Cole and his friends don't play along and end up being quite rude to PC, driving him away. Next, the charming Cole confronts Sebastian about why he doesn't want to be friends with Taylor. THEN Cole ditches Taylor to go talk to his ex-girlfriend Deniz! And then forces them to have an awkward "let's all just get along" talk when they weren't even fighting to begin with! Cole is a prince, you guys.

Later, PC and Taylor go to Dylan's Candy Bar (yum) and discuss Taylor's relationship woes while looking at the racy candy section. Heh. PC is very Henry Higgins to her Eliza Doolittle with Taylor, thinking of her as his "project," which is simultaneously sort of cute and completely condescending. Afterward, Jessie expresses concern to PC that he's going to corrupt Taylor, and yet again PC is annoyed by Jessie's buttinsky behavior. As am I. Jessie needs a new hobby. PC has a party (and doesn't invite Jessie, hee) and at the party immediately starts grilling Camille about her relationship with Dan. I believe the question "Did you f*** him?" is asked. Ah, high school. PC then gets offended because Taylor ditches the party with the excuse she is grounded (which PC doesn't believe) and then Cole shows up uninvited on his own and starts babbling about his screwed up relationship with Taylor. Cole's got issues, y'all. The next day Cole admits to Taylor that he's a creepy stalker, and Taylor finally realizes he's a creepy stalker and passive aggressively dumps him. She then flees with barely restrained glee. Heh.

Random thoughts:

  • PC's go-to thought when someone doesn't act exactly like him is to call them immature, like he is the pinnacle of maturity. I think that's pretty immature, PC.
  • How awkwardly bad was the voice over of PC inviting Taylor to his party sans Cole? It was "Hills"-level bad.
  • Seriously, what was UP with that Harvard faculty representative? Ew.

Favorite quotes:

  • "When's the last time you went on a date, like, with a guy? Like 10, 20, 30 years?" - Sebastian, to Camille
  • "By the way, he's wearing eyeliner." - Random friend of Cole, about PC
  • "Cole and his friends were making fun of PC and it was embarrassing. I could tell they were all just jealous of him." - Taylor
  • "What did I learn from Cole? I learned that I never need to talk to him or any of his friends again." - PC
  • "I want to wish you all the best luck in getting in here, although you probably won't." - Scarlett the snooty Harvard faculty member

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