Nadya 'Octomom' Suleman gets new house with masturbation video money

octomom-masturbation-pictures.jpg Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. the "Octomom," who is actually a mother of 14 children, has finally found a new place to house her brood after her previous place was foreclosed on. TMZ reports she has secured a 5-bedroom, 3-bath house in Palmdale, Calif.

According to the pictures, the backyard is massive and includes a pool and a hot tub. The entire place will run her $2150 a month and reportedly Octomom used her masturbation video money to pay for eight months on the new digs.

As for her adult entertainment career, Octomom told Dr. Drew Pinsky it was "the most empowering, liberating thing [she has] ever done."

"There is nothing I won't do to take care of my family. I'm not a porn star," she adds.

Photo/Video credit: Wicked Pictures, TMZ,