Naked Ian Somerhalder photos in the bathtub, eating Chinese food

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"The Vampire Diaries" star Ian Somerhalder has appeared in a series of photos from his photographer friend, Butch Hogan. In them, Somerhalder appears to be naked (although tastefully covered at all times) in a variety of everyday activities.

Well, they're kind of everyday activities. Some people might drink beer in a bathtub or sit around naked with Chinese take-out. It's kind of fun to believe that Somerhalder, who plays immortal bad boy Damon Salvatore on "The Vampire Diaries," would actually do these things.

ian-somerhalder-naked-bath-tub-beer-butch-hogan-1.jpgThe really important thing to remember here is that the actor is intensely attractive in all poses. Even sitting in dirty water while making angry faces doesn't detract from the beauty of a man like this.

ian-somerhalder-naked-bath-tub-beer-butch-hogan-2.jpgIt's unclear when exactly these photos were taken. Somerhalder posted on Twitter about a photo shoot with his friend back in 2012:

"Shooting pictures with my longest NY bro and mentor Butch Hogan.His website goes up in a week w/ some of these images."

ian-somerhalder-naked-bath-tub-beer-butch-hogan-4.jpgIt's not clear whether or not these are the photos from that particular shoot or not. Whatever the case, they are priceless.

Photo/Video credit: Butch Hogan