'Nashville' books Ming-Na for a guest-starring role

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There may be a bidding war over Rayna coming to "Nashville": Ming-Na has been cast as a music-label executive looking to sign the country star to a new deal.

Ming-Na will guest-star in episode 11 of the country-music series as Calista Reeves, according to a report from TVLine. Reeves is described as a successful, Los Angeles-based executive looking to lure Rayna James ( Connie Britton) away from Edgehill music and Nashville.

Since the actress -- best known for her role as Dr. Jing-Mei Chen on "ER" -- is currently only scheduled for a single episode, Rayna's current record label may not need to worry too much. This of course presupposes that the buzz off the Rayna/Juliette duet, "Wrong Song," continues to help the country-music icon.

Although most recently seen in guest and recurring roles -- on "Eureka," "Two and a Half Men" and more -- Ming-Na has also been in the press for getting one of the lead roles in the super-buzzy Joss Whedon "S.H.I.E.L.D." pilot.

If that doesn't work out, maybe now Ming-Na will have some country music to fall back on.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images