'Nashville' cast attends the CMA Awards 2013: How did Connie Britton, Sam Palladio, and more compare to their onscreen alter egos?

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As the 2013 CMA Awards dominated ABC on Wednesday (Nov. 6), pre-empting a new episode of "Nashville," it was only appropriate that most of the cast of the ABC southern charmer about the country music business was on hand live at the awards show in Nashville, TN. 

So how did Connie Britton, Sam Palladio, Charles Esten, and more compare to their onscreen alter egos at the biggest night in the country music industry? Let's run down the list.

Connie Britton


As the reigning queen of country music, Rayna Jaymes would have done exactly what Britton did: show up in a dazzling gown, red hair cascading down her back in perfect curls, and wow us all with her glamorous entrance. Reliably amazing.

Charles Esten


Not one for a red carpet or awards shows in general, Deacon would have treated the CMA Awards much differently than his portrayer. Esten showed up with a smile on his face, a beautiful woman on his arm, and not a cast or alcoholic beverage in sight (well, at least on the red carpet). Esten clearly had a much better time than Deacon would have -- he probably would have spent the night pining after Rayna. But when Esten and Britton showed up together onstage to present the award for female vocalist of the year, all smiles and hugs (he even called her honey!), it sent all the "Nashville" Deacon/Rayna 'shippers into a tizzy. Why can't their onscreen relationship take after this adorable intro?

Sam Palladio


Gunnar is the stereotypical southern gentleman ... with a few flaws, of course. But his offscreen portrayer, Palladio, is actually a British hipster. He strutted his stuff in a velvet suit, tortoiseshell glasses, and perfectly coiffed hair. 

Lennon and Maisy Stella


These young YouTube-sensations-turned-TV-stars are sisters in real life and on the show. They walked the red carpet together, all smiles, and performed a stripped-down version of Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me." While the performance is exactly what Rayna's daughters would do on the show (did you see their knock-out performance of "Ho Hey?"), Lennon's joy is a bit out of place since on the show, Maddie is struggling with her newfound realization that her father Teddy is not her actual biological father. Maddie would have skipped the whole event to spite her mother. 

Chaley Rose


Like her onscreen alter ego, Rose went for edgy in her red carpet look. She rocked a backless, skintight sequined gown and let her curly hair run wild. We wouldn't expect anything less from the girl who plays Scarlett's backstabbing "friend" Zoey ... you know, the girl who slept with her best friend's ex-fiance ... twice?

Aubrey Peeples


Peeples went for an age-appropriate, young look on the red carpet. Rocking a crop top and high waisted skirt, with her long hair flowing naturally, Peeples looks exactly like how her onscreen character, Layla Grant (the young, up-and-coming singer who is about to go on tour to open for Juliette Barnes), would look on her first red carpet. 

Kimberly Williams-Paisley


Ugh, Crazy Peggy. At least Williams-Paisley isn't rocking a fake-pregnancy belly like her onscreen mess of a character.

"Nashville" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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