'Nashville' gals in good company with Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert corsets

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From cowboy boots to corsets, costume designer Susie DeSanto has the leading ladies of the new ABC series "Nashville" covered.

"I love the talent and the artists Nashville attracts," DeSanto tells Zap2it. "One of the things I like about the script is the different layers of characters. ... Rayna ( Connie Britton) is really interesting to dress because she has so many sides to her besides [being] a superstar. She is a mom, and there's a part of her that is connected to the singer-songwriters and the people who are really the poets of Nashville."

Although a smaller market, Nashville, Tenn., is a sophisticated town that is home to just-for-women Western store Betty Boots and custom corset company Ani&Ari.

"Betty Boots is the place to go," DeSanto says. "It's right downtown on Broadway, and they have some amazing boots. ... Ani&Ari are local girls who make corsets for Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood and the Pistol Annies."

DeSanto also shops for Rayna and rising teen star Juliette ( Hayden Panettiere) at Posh, a boutique that carries great clothes, including J Brand, 1520, The Row, Rag & Bone, Alice and Olivia, and Rebecca Taylor. And she stocks up during trips to Los Angeles and New York.
On Rayna:

"This is from the publicity photo shoot we did in June. Those are J Brand jeans, the belt came from Betty Boots, the vest I got from a local store called Moda, and the tank top is James Perse. The bracelet I got at Nordstrom."

"This is a Dolce & Gabbana dress. That color is spectacular on Connie with her hair. This is one of those multifaceted pieces. The lace is ladylike, but it's a real star dress -- definitely something a star would wear to do a talk show or a country club cocktail party. It fits her really beautifully, and she feels really good in it, which is always a bonus for everybody."

"That is Michael Kors' belt. It's a L'Agente dress, and the boots are Prada. She's going to see her kids in a talent show, and we wanted to make sure she still is a star. Even when she takes her kids to school she is a click above everyone else."

On Juliette:

"That's what she wore at the Opry for her performance, and we found it at a local department store in Nashville and then recut it to fit her. It's inspired by Taylor Swift on the red carpet. Juliette has a perfume line she is launching called All My Angels, and that was going to be the name of her tour, so we did a lot of angelic colors and soft blushy colors to tie in with that angel theme. Those are earrings that are really popular right now from Posh. They are by a local jewelry designer."

"The corset top is Ani&Ari. The cutoffs are True Religion, and the boots are Aria. ... Hayden is great because she has a great little figure, and she is really smart about what looks good on her."

hayden-panettiere-nashville-tvfash-3-325.jpg"This Parker dress is what she wore ... on the show to promote her new perfume line. Her overall look really lends herself to a country crossover star -- we can use a country star look or high-fashion look, and it works both ways."
Photo/Video credit: ABC