'Nashville' season finale photos: Brad Paisley and a funeral in 'I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive'

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The first season of "Nashville" comes to a close on Wednesday (May 22) with "I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive." With Brad Paisley appearing as a guest star, Jolene's funeral and the CMA awards, it's going to be a busy episode.

Despite the big excitement of country music's biggest night -- the Country Music Awards -- not everything is happy on "Nashville." Juliette ( Hayden Panettiere) finds a letter from her mother that sheds some light on the previous episode's murder-suicide. Rayna ( Connie Britton) and Deacon ( Charles Esten) start out having a great time at the awards, but they may not get a happy ending anyway. Meanwhile, Gunnar ( Jonathan Jackson) tries to win back Scarlett ( Clare Bowen), and the U.S. Attorney's office comes after Teddy ( Eric Close).

Need to see any of this for yourself? Here are photos from the "Nashville" finale.

Rayna meets Brad Paisley and his big hat at the awards show.

nashville-finale-ill-never-get-out-of-this-world-alive-abc-1.jpgIs Brad proposing something?

nashville-finale-ill-never-get-out-of-this-world-alive-abc-2.jpgDeacon doesn't seem too pleased about what's going on.

nashville-finale-ill-never-get-out-of-this-world-alive-abc-3.jpgDoes Deacon have a problem with Brad Paisley? Or his hat?

nashville-finale-ill-never-get-out-of-this-world-alive-abc-4.jpgRayna and Brad rock out on stage.

nashville-finale-ill-never-get-out-of-this-world-alive-abc-5.jpgThey're getting along just fine.

nashville-finale-ill-never-get-out-of-this-world-alive-abc-6.jpgDeacon may be getting jealous. He's the one who plays back-to-back with Rayna!

nashville-finale-ill-never-get-out-of-this-world-alive-abc-7.jpgTrouble in paradise?

nashville-finale-ill-never-get-out-of-this-world-alive-abc-8.jpgAt least Rayna thinks it was a good performance.

nashville-finale-ill-never-get-out-of-this-world-alive-abc-9.jpgJuliette approaches her mother's casket.

nashville-finale-ill-never-get-out-of-this-world-alive-abc-10.jpgThis must be both sad and awkward.

nashville-finale-ill-never-get-out-of-this-world-alive-abc-11.jpgIt looks like Rayna showed up for the funeral.

nashville-finale-ill-never-get-out-of-this-world-alive-abc-12.jpgThis is not a very well-attended funeral.

nashville-finale-ill-never-get-out-of-this-world-alive-abc-13.jpgIt's kind of odd that Gunnar shows up at the funeral, isn't it?

nashville-finale-ill-never-get-out-of-this-world-alive-abc-14.jpgHe doesn't seem to be making her feel any better.

nashville-finale-ill-never-get-out-of-this-world-alive-abc-15.jpgCan Rayna comfort Juliette?

nashville-finale-ill-never-get-out-of-this-world-alive-abc-16.jpgThe frenemies seem to be connecting a little at least.

The "Nashville" Season 1 finale airs Wednesday, May 22 at 10pm on ABC.

Photo/Video credit: ABC