NBA All-Star Game: Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Beyonce and more cheer from the sidelines

justin-bieber-nba-mascot.jpgAfter cementing his MVP status in the NBA Celebrity All-Stars game, Justin Bieber took his place on the sidelines to watch the real NBA stars hit the court (and to be accosted by a mascot). No one can resist the Biebs.

By his side for the evening? Rihanna -- who rocked her half-time performance with Drake and Kanye West.

There were plenty of celebs on hand for the big East vs. West hoops showdown including Beyonce, Jay-Z, Lil' Wayne and of course, Jack Nicholson.

The Biebs had his charm going full force, as usual. Even Lenny Kravitz shared a laugh with the teen dream. 

justin-bieber-rihanna-nba.jpg justin-bieber-lenny-kravitz-laughing.jpg
Beyonce and Jay-Z kept it mellow, hanging out in their seats and saying hello as people stopped by.

"Twilight's" Kellan Lutz snapped a pic with his phone. Wonder what he was trying to capture?

kellan-lutz-phone-gi.jpgLil' Wayne and Kanye West shared a quick conversation, but judging from their expressions we can't even begin to guess what they were talking about.

Oh, hey Gene Simmons. Almost didn't see you there.

Jack Nicholson has cemented his role as a sideline fixture for Lakers' games year round, so it's no surprise to spot him in the audience. In case you don't recognize his guest, it's sports reporter Jim Gray, who was pulled from his duties on a Golf Channel broadcast over the weekend. We imagine he's not too upset with the way his weekend panned out... we'd call that an upgrade.

jack-nicholson-jim-gray-nba.jpgSomething was apparently really funny to John Legend and girlfriend, Christie Teigen. The supermodel got her chow on at the game, which we totally love.


We will leave you now with none other than Steven Tyler, looking colorful as ever and giving his best "Blue Steel."


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images