'NCIS' and 'Modern Family' are the most-watched drama and comedy in the world

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ncis-modern-family-most-watched-in-the-world.jpgWhat do "NCIS" and "Modern Family" have in common, aside from their repeats filling up many, many hours on USA?

They've been named the most-watched comedy and drama in the world at the 2014 Monte Carlo Television Festival. The two shows won the International Audience Award for comedy and drama. "The Bold and the Beautiful" won the honor for most-watched soap opera/telenovela.

"NCIS" drew 57.6 million viewers worldwide in 2013, based on a survey of viewing in 66 countries. The biggest chunk of that, of course, came in the United States, where the show averages 20 million-plus viewers.

Global audience figures for "Modern Family" and "The Bold and the Beautiful" weren't released. "Modern Family" star Julie Bowen also won the award for best comedy actress at the festival.
Photo/Video credit: CBS, ABC