'NCIS' video: 'Pulling a Palmer' from the Season 10 DVDs

With the release of "NCIS" Season 10 on DVD, fans can expect some amusing extras after so much time on the air. This exclusive video featurette from the collection explains just what "Pulling a Palmer" means.

In the "10 Items or Less: 10 Random Looks at 'NCIS'" feature, actors Brian Dietzen and David McCallum talk about the deeper (or maybe shallower, if you look at it that way) meaning behind the jokey phrase, "pulling a Palmer."

Regular viewers of "NCIS" are likely to be intimately familiar with the act of pulling a Palmer, even if they do not know the precise term used for it. In the video, McCallum calls the maneuver "a bad joke." But there is so much more to it than that. This is evident by the lengthier explanation given by Dietzen. The actor first mentions that the joke has to be "grossly inaccurate."

"You see that no one is laughing, and then you immediately say, 'Um, we found some gunshot residue on the victim's hands ...'" Dietzen explains. "It's saying something that's out of left field and not entirely appropriate for the setting -- and then having to redact it immediately."

The video also gives two examples of the "Palmer." Can you think of others?

"NCIS" Season 10 is available Tuesday, Aug. 20. Season 11 of the show begins on Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 8pm.

Photo/Video credit: CBS