Neil Patrick Harris & MacGyver really wanted you to watch ABC (video)

We're suckers for a little nostalgia, so when we came across this circa 1990 ABC promo spot -- featuring stars of ABC's past including Neil Patrick Harris ( "Doogie Howser"), Richard Dean Anderston ( "MacGyver"), Kyle MacLachlan ("Twin Peaks"), Alyssa Milano ( "Who's the Boss"), Fred Savage ("The Wonder Years"), the entire "Full House" crew (including at least one teensy Olsen twin), Roseanne (who is surrounded by a bevy of mini-clones), the animated "Beetlejuice" and those lovable cut-ups from "Perfect Strangers" -- well, we knew we were going to watch it at least once.

After repeated viewings, we don't hesitate one bit in encouraging you to do the same.

Also be on the look-out for clips short-lived sitcoms "Baby Talk" (starring George Clooney!), "Cop Rock" (ahead of its time) and "Going Places" (it went nowhere).

( via Vulture)
Photo/Video credit: YouTube