Netflix: Nearly 2,000 movies to disappear from Instant Watch May 1

If you've got Netflix Instant Watch, now's the time to jump on and watch some movies, because soon nearly 2,000 of them will vanish from the online library. At midnight May 1, 1,794 movies will begin to disappear from the service, due to expiring streaming deals with Warner Bros, MGM, Universal and Viacom,  The Atlantic Wire reports.

Some of the movies pulled from the library will be available through another service, the newly-launched Warner Archive Instant. Among the title being removed are James Bond movies "Dr. No" and "Goldfinger," along with "Cruel Intentions" and three films from director Robert Altman. A complete list of movies being pulled can be found at Instant Watcher.

Netflix likely isn't too worried, though. The company continues to add more recent movies, along with their original programming, including "House of Cards" and "Hemlock Grove." They're also set to be the exclusive home for a new season of acclaimed comedy "Arrested Development." The new season of the show will debut on May 26. In preparation for its return, Zap2it is rewatching every single episode of "Arrested Development," and breaking them down for you.
Photo/Video credit: Netflix