New 'Cold Souls' preview video, game

Coldsouls_290 Is it okay to admit we're a little squeamish about giving up our souls?

That's what "Cold Souls" wants us to do, though, and to be frank, the old thing was getting a little tattered. Maybe some time in storage would do it good?

You can currently "upload" your soul via the Soul Storage Company Web site, and a catalog feature promises at least limited glimpses of other peoples' souls. No, you won't find our darkest desires there; at the moment, it's limited to a few questions about favorites and other basic information.

So, go play with our soul. Just don't soil it too much, okay?

See pictures from 'Cold Souls.'

When you're done playing, check out this Zap2it exclusive clip from "Cold Souls":

The movie, which opens Aug. 7, stars Paul Giamatti as, well, an actor named Paul who loses his soul in storage. He's got to find it before the replacement, that of a Russian poet, takes over his life.

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Pictures from 'Cold Souls'
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