New pix released of Carrie Prejean topless and with Michael Phelps' bottom

293.prejean.carrie.042209 Donald Trump was "reviewing additional materials" – checking out the newest sexy and half-clothed photos of Miss California Carrie Prejean -- Monday night in order to decide her fate as Miss California.

His decision will be announced at the Plaza at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. And yes, Carrie will be there.

The topless photos of Prejean were released this morning by TMZ. The photos, definitely more salacious than the previous ones, show Prejean, 21, wearing an open top and underwear on a beach.

To be honest, it's nothing more than you would see on any public beach in Europe, but there ya go -- this isn't Europe.

Adding to the mix, has released more photos of Carrie with admitted bong-hitter Michael Phelps (and his monogrammed butt) and other party boys.

Trump, who owns the Miss Universe organization,  told Greta Van Susteren on her show Monday night that he was going to meet with the controversial beauty queen this morning before he announces his final decision regarding her fate at a news conference

Asked by Van Susteren what criterion he base his decision on, he responded: