New Ali Lohan pics; modeling agency reveals her measurements

ali-lohan-next-2.jpgWe've been hot on the trail of the Ali Lohan story for the past several days. For those of you who haven't been paying attention, new pics of the 17-year-old younger sister of erstwhile actress Lindsay Lohan surfaced earlier this week that got many -- us included -- thinking the teen may have stopped eating and had some rather extensive plastic surgery to her face.

Lohan, through her modeling agency -- Next Models -- denied she'd gone under the knife. Now the agency, clearly trying to keep this particular press bonanza rolling, has released the minor's measurements and dress size.

"She has the perfect look, very European, more angular. She has the right lean look for modeling," Next Models agent, Alexis Borges, tells Life & Style.  "She's a 33-24-34, which is a size 1 or 2."

"Her figure is the right shape," he continues. "The baby fat is gone. She's 17 and is really coming into her look."

And that look is... undernourished? We found several of Lohan's portfolio pics on the Next Models site. Here's a sampling:


Photo/Video credit: Next Models