New 'Footloose' trailer: Are you ready to cut loose?

A new trailer for the "Footloose" hit theaters and the Internet Friday (Aug. 12), and it confirms our suspicions that if the new movie isn't a shot-for-shot remake of the 1984 original, it's at least a very close approximation.

The current trailer is about 40 seconds shorter than the teaser released in June, and it's edited in a quicker, more trailer-y way. It also plays up the teenage-empowerment vibe a little more heavily than the June clip.

But if you happened to be old enough to have seen the first "Footloose" in a theater -- and we understand that's absolutely not the target audience this time around -- it's hard to see the new trailer and not start running down a checklist of scenes that were in the Kevin Bacon version. Heck, even the soundtrack will be filled with covers from the original.

"Footloose" is scheduled to open Oct. 14. What do you think of the new trailer?
Photo/Video credit: Paramount Pictures