'New Girl': 35 animated GIFs to celebrate Jess and Nick, TV's best romance

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Sorry, shippers of every other romance on television -- the strange love between Jess ( Zooey Deschanel) and Nick ( Jake Johnson) on "New Girl" is almost definitely funnier, cooler, sweeter and just plain better than whoever you like. Here are 35 animated GIFs to make the case.

The Jess-Nick relationship saw its earliest start in the unexpected chemistry exhibited by Deschanel and Johnson as early as the pilot episode. While both characters ignored their growing attraction for all of the first season and most of the second, the passion would not be ignored.

Thank goodness.

The GIFs that follow chronicle the relationship throughout the two seasons of "New Girl." If you can look at them all and not agree that these two are essentially perfect in every way... Well, you may not have a heart in that case. Again, sorry.

First of all, it is important to realize that this is an unusual, weird relationship.

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-1.gifJess and Nick weren't actually dating for a long time, even if they sometimes faked it in order to make others jealous.

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-2.gifInstead, they were but two of four close roommates.

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-3.gifThat said, sometimes Nick would do randomly nice things for Jess, like take her to see Christmas lights.

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-4.gifOr give her a water massage. (Actually, the jury is still out on whether or not this was just uncomfortable and awkward.)

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-5.gifIt wasn't all rosy. These were two people pretty much destined to fight.


Or just have misunderstandings.

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-9.gifEven with all of the yelling, these were friends who were there for each other.

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-10.gifNo matter how weird things got.

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-11.gifThe two even embarked on an awkward and sexually tense bit of crime in the Season 2 episode, "Pepperwood."


new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-14.gif new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-15.gif

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-16.gifWithout a game of "True American" (Clinton rules), however, these two crazy kids might have remained apart for ages. Fortunately for everyone, they were stuck in a room until they kissed.

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-17.gifNeither Jess nor Nick was interested in a fake kiss for a game. Nick was ready to give Jess a real kiss though.

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-18.gif new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-19.gifThis made things a little awkward around the apartment at times.

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-20.gif new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-21.gifBut no matter how hard Nick and Jess protested...

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-22.gifAnd no matter how much Nick moon-walked...

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-23.gifThese two were meant for each other. Not that they could admit it at first.

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-24.gifIt took a surprisingly sexy trip to the hardware store...

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-25.gif new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-26.gif...And an accident to move things along.

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-27.gifJess was finally able to share her feelings with Nick, thanks to the pain medications that followed.

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-28.gif new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-29.gifThings almost fell apart when we found out that Nick had been sleeping with his boss. His co-worker, Big Bob, tried to cover for Nick, but Jess found out anyway.

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-30.gifThe issue was not a big one though, and Nick and Jess kind of made up quickly.

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-31.gif new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-32.gif new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-33.gifToo bad about the fish tank.

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-34.gifFate may have thrown cold water on the passion for that moment, but it didn't go away completely.

new-girl-nick-jess-gif-fox-35.gifWhat is coming next? Who knows? All we do know is that the Jess and Nick relationship will continue to be cute and funny and just basically awesome.

"New Girl" airs Tuesdays at 9pm on FOX.

Photo/Video credit: FOX