'New Girl' casting: Nick Kroll, Bill Burr and Ellen Abertini Dow join the family

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Do you want an explanation for Nick ( Jake Johnson) on "New Girl"? Well, family is always a good explanation, and we are going to meet most of that family in March when the roommates visit Chicago. In addition to Margo Martindale as Nick's mother, we will also meet family members played by Nick Kroll, Bill Burr and Ellen Abertini Dow.

Kroll will play Jamie, Nick's younger brother, Jamie, an air-conditioner repairman who isn't much of an intellectual. Burr, meanwhile, will play Nick's loud and aggressive cousin Bobby, whose main goal in life seems to be fighting with Jamie. Finally, Dow is Nick's semi-deaf aunt who thinks the other members of the family are out to get her.

The casting originally was reported by EW.com.

Considering that Nick's father (played by Dennis Farina) is a con man, it looks like the Miller family might not be the most functional. Will they get along with Nick's roommates or with Jess? Whatever the result, it should be rather amusing.

Photo/Video credit: FOX