'New Girl' photos: Flashbacks of when Jess and the boys were 'Virgins'

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Everyone has a first time. On "New Girl," it's a safe bet that every character's first sexual experience was fairly hilarious. Viewers will find out in the next episode of the comedy, "Virgins" -- plus we will get to see Dylan O'Brien ( "Teen Wolf") as Jess' prom date!

Photos from the episode show just how lucky all of these crazy kids were to get laid.

For some reason, all of the roommates, along with Cece, decide to sit down and tell the tales of how each person lost his or her virginity.

new-girl-virgins-fox-1.jpgCece's ( Hannah Simone) story at least has her looking glamorous.

new-girl-virgins-fox-cece-hannah-simone-2.jpgNick's ( Jake Johnson) does not.

new-girl-virgins-fox-nick-jake-johnson-3.jpgHowever Nick lost his virginity, his dad ( Dennis Farina) was somehow involved.

new-girl-virgins-fox-nick-dad-dennis-farina-jake-johnson-6.jpgWinston ( Lamorne Morris) got advice from Walt Miller as well.

new-girl-virgins-fox-winston-dennis-farina-lamorne-morris-7.jpgConsidering that Nick's dad was something of a con artist, there's a chance that this whole escapade could have ended very badly for the boys.

new-girl-virgins-fox-nick-winston-jake-johnson-lamorne-morris-8.jpgOddly, the stories also reveal that Cece and Jess ( Zooey Deschanel) once visited the bar where they would later become regulars.

new-girl-virgins-fox-cece-jess-hannah-simone-zooey-deschanel-9.jpgThe boys -- including Fat Schmidt ( Max Greenfield) -- were there too!

new-girl-virgins-fox-nick-fat-schmidt-winston-10.jpgJess lost her virginity to the sweet, sensitive boy who was her prom date (O'Brien).

new-girl-virgins-zooey-deschanel-dylan-obrien-fox-11.jpgOr did she? We seem to be seeing only the beginnings of stories in these photos. Only the "Virgins" episode (airing Tuesday, April 30 at 9pm on FOX) can give us the whole story.

Photo/Video credit: FOX