'New Girl' photos: High-flying poster and strange hints from upcoming episodes

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"New Girl" Season 3 is coming back in 2014, and there are fittingly photos from upcoming episodes and a new poster to celebrate that. All of the images seem rather strange. But that works for the show.

The first episode back is "Stuck in the Bar," airing on Tuesday, Jan. 7 seems to involve quite a few flashbacks. Back in the day, Winston ( Lamorne Morris), for example, had a rather odd hairstyle.

new-girl-stuck-in-the-bar-winston-fox.jpgSchmidt ( Max Greenfield), meanwhile, was a candy-striper.

new-girl-stuck-in-the-bar-schmidt-candy-striper-fox.jpgHe also sold Christmas trees ... To a rabbi?

new-girl-stuck-in-the-bar-schmidt-christmas-tree-fox.jpgAll of this likely comes up after Jess ( Zooey Deschanel) has to share a classroom with another teacher (guest star Brian Posehn) and might leave her job.

new-girl-stuck-in-the-bar-jess-brian-posehn-fox.jpgOn Jan. 14, the "TBD" episode finds Jess and Nick ( Jake Johnson) sharing a bed. At least that seems set.

new-girl-tbd-jess-nick-fox.jpgThey're still together a week later when it's time to celebrate Jess' "Birthday."

new-girl-birthday-nick-jess-1-fox.jpgEven if they go to the wrong party ...

new-girl-birthday-nick-jess-2-fox.jpgDoes the show's new poster sum all of this up?

new-girl-poster-up-in-the-air-fox.jpgThe new episodes, beginning Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 9 p.m. will answer that question.

Photo/Video credit: FOX