'New Girl' photos: Jess goes as Elvis Presley to a funeral in 'Chicago'

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The upcoming episode of "New Girl" starts in a somber place. Nick's con-artist father has died. The four roommates thus go visit Nick's hometown for the funeral in "Chicago." Naturally, this means that Jess has to dress up like Elvis Presley. That's just a given, right?

It probably is a given that something like this would happen on "New Girl" anyway.

When Nick ( Jake Johnson) goes home, he has to deal with his brother and his cousin (guest stars Nick Kroll and Bill Burr). There's a reason he doesn't hang out with them so much.

new-girl-chicago-fox-1-jake-johnson-nick-kroll-bill-burr.jpgThat's probably why the roommates need to come for support.

new-girl-chicago-fox-3-zooey-deschanel-max-greenfield-lamorne-morris.jpgAt least Nick gets a warm welcome from his mother (guest star Margo Martindale).

new-girl-chicago-fox-2-margo-martindale-jake-johnson-zooey-deschanel.JPGShe seems like a nice, kind woman who loves her boy very much.

new-girl-chicago-fox--4-margo-martindale-jake-johnson.jpgThings are a little less comfortable for Jess ( Zooey Deschanel).

new-girl-chicago-fox-5-zooey-deschanel.JPGOf course, going to a funeral isn't going to relieve any tension. It seems to be a particularly trying time for Schmidt ( Max Greenfield).

new-girl-chicago-fox-6-max-greenfield-zooey-deschanel-jake-johnson.jpgThe Miller family (Kroll and Ellen Albertini Dow) deal as best they can.

new-girl-chicago-fox-7-nick-kroll-ellen-albertini-dow.JPGBut then, there is a surprise guest...

new-girl-chicago-fox-8-zooey-deschanel-elvis.JPGElvis has arrived at the funeral!

new-girl-chicago-fox-9-zooey-deschanel-elvis.JPGOkay, so it's Jess in some well-meaning but possibly awkward gesture.

new-girl-chicago-fox-10-zooey-deschanel-elvis.JPGNick is probably going to have to take the well-meaning side of it.

new-girl-chicago-fox-11-zooey-deschanel-jake-johnson.JPGIt seems like he learns to accept the King at some point.

new-girl-chicago-fox-12-zooey-deschanel-jake-johnson.JPGElvis Jess sings for the crowd. They do seem to be enjoying the show.

new-girl-chicago-fox-13-zooey-deschanel-jess-elvis-presley.JPGYou can tell because she gets high-fives as she runs down the aisle at the end of the show. Is this the funeral that Nick's dad wanted?

new-girl-chicago-fox-15-zooey-deschanel-elvis.JPGWe will find out when "Chicago" airs on Tuesday, March 26 at 9pm on FOX.

Photo/Video credit: FOX