'New Girl' photos: Russell interrupts when Nick and Jess go on their 'First Date'

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Hey shippers! Here is the "New Girl" episode you've been waiting for -- Jess ( Zooey Deschanel) and Nick ( Jake Johnson) are finally going out for an evening together. But of course there are obstacles in the way of the pair's "First Date."

new-girl-first-date-fox-1.jpgThe episode begins in a perfectly normal fashion, with Winston ( Lamorne Morris) trying to find a phone charger.

new-girl-first-date-fox-2.jpgNaturally, this brings up issues of attraction and dating for Jess and Nick.

new-girl-first-date-fox-3.jpgDoes going on a date with Jess require a hat fitting? That may indeed be the case when Schmidt ( Max Greenfield) is involved.

new-girl-first-date-fox-4.jpgNick cleans up nice...

new-girl-first-date-fox-5.jpgYou know who doesn't clean up so nicely? That would be Outside Dave (guest star Steve Agee), who is strangely inside.

new-girl-first-date-fox-6.jpgIs it really necessary for Jess and Nick to take notes during their date?

new-girl-first-date-fox-7.jpgEven if the date was going well (notes or no notes), there is a bit of a wrinkle when Jess' ex Russell ( Dermot Mulroney) appears.

new-girl-first-date-fox-8.jpgRussell seems to have a date as well -- Brandy ( Chelsey Crisp).

new-girl-first-date-fox-9.jpgThey can't even split up in the parking lot? This cannot have gone well.

However the "First Date" turns out, we will get to see it on a special night -- Thursday, April 4 at 9pm.

Photo/Video credit: FOX