'New Girl' Season 2 finale photos: Attend Cece's wedding in 'Elaine's Big Day'

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Who is Elaine? Why would Cece's wedding be the big day for someone named Elaine in the "New Girl" Season 1 finale? Could Elaine be the character to be played by guest star Taylor Swift? Is she someone else?

We have no clue. What we do have are many photos from the finale episode, "Elaine's Big Day." In the pictures, things seem to be going pretty well for the wedding of Cece ( Hannah Simone) and Shivrang ( Satya Bhabha).

Before the gang can head out to the wedding, they have to pose for photos with Jess' dad (guest star Rob Reiner).

new-girl-elaines-big-day-season-1-finale-fox-1-nick-jess-schmidt-winston-rob-reiner.jpgConsidering that Jess ( Zooey Deschanel) and Nick ( Jake Johnson) get a special photo together, this bodes well for their relationship.

new-girl-elaines-big-day-season-1-finale-fox-2-nick-jess-jake-johnson-zooey-deschanel.jpgThey even seem to be having fun at the wedding.

new-girl-elaines-big-day-season-1-finale-fox-3-zooey-deschanel-jake-johnson.jpgOf course, with Shivrang showing up on a horse, surrounded by dancers, fun might be easy to have.

new-girl-elaines-big-day-season-1-finale-fox-4-satya-babha.jpgNick shows off his dance "moves."

new-girl-elaines-big-day-season-1-finale-fox-5-jake-johnson-zooey-deschanel.jpgSchmidt ( Max Greenfield), however, isn't just at the wedding to celebrate. He's also there to sabotage.

new-girl-elaines-big-day-season-1-finale-fox-6-zooey-deschanel-jess-schmidt-max-greenfield.jpgThe rest of the wedding is good with celebrating though.

new-girl-elaines-big-day-season-1-finale-fox-7-cece-hannahsimone.jpgMaid-of-honor Jess watches the proceedings.

new-girl-elaines-big-day-season-1-finale-fox-8-zooey-deschanel-jess.jpgCece looks happy at all of this at least.

new-girl-elaines-big-day-season-1-finale-fox-9-cece-wedding-hannah-simone.jpgWill these two crazy kids go through with it?

We will find out when the "New Girl" Season 2 finale airs on Tuesday, May 14 at 9pm on FOX.

Photo/Video credit: FOX