'New Girl' Season 2 finale preview: 5 things to know about 'Elaine's Big Day'

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new-girl-season-2-finale-jess-nick-elaine-big-day-fox.jpgIt's sad to say that the end of "New Girl" Season 2 has arrived. The finale episode, "Elaine's Big Day," takes place at the wedding of Cece and Shivrang and has everything you could want from the show. Kissing. Break-ups. Pranks gone horribly wrong. Horses and badgers.

We are going to have a long, sad summer without this show. But before then, we have the finale, and here are five spoilers to preview that episode.

1. Taylor Swift is indeed in "Elaine's Big Day," and she does have a speaking part. What she says and why she is there, however, must remain a mystery until the wedding itself.

new-girl-season-2-finale-taylor-swift-elaine-big-day-fox.jpg2. Remember how Winston ( Lamorne Morris) loves pranks but is incredibly bad at them (often with near-tragic consequences)? That comes into play in a big way in the finale. A badger gets involved.

3. Jess' ( Zooey Deschanel) father, Bob ( Rob Reiner), is still sleeping on that air mattress between Nick's ( Jake Johnson) and Jess' rooms. He has trouble standing up when lying on it.

4. You may never experience the song, "Cotton Eyed Joe," the same way after this.

5. The traditional Indian wedding that Cece ( Hannah Simone) and Shivrang ( Satya Bhabha) opt for takes three hours to complete. This leaves plenty of time for antics, side-romances and second thoughts.

"Elaine's Big Day" airs Tuesday, May 14 at 9pm on FOX.

Photo/Video credit: FOX