'New Girl' Season 3 photos: Love troubles and Mexico in the premiere

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1-new-girl-season-3-premiere.jpgWhen "New Girl" returns for Season 3, love will be in the air. Jess and Nick will be enjoying that in Mexico, while Schmidt doesn't enjoy it much in his horrible choice between Cece and Elizabeth.

All of the details for this can be found in photos from the first episode, "All In."

As seen in the photo above, Jess ( Zooey Deschanel) and Nick ( Jake Johnson) seem to be having a great time in Mexico. Unfortunately, it looks like they forgot to pack any clothes and therefore vaguely resemble survivors of a shipwreck.

2-new-girl-season-3-premiere.jpgThat could be a problem. Another problem may result in Nick getting arrested.

7-new-girl-season-3-premiere.jpgSchmidt ( Max Greenfield), meanwhile, is back home and avoiding his troubles.

3-new-girl-season-3-premiere.jpgAt least he can avoid making a decision by traveling with Winston ( Lamorne Morris) down to Mexico to help out their roommates.

8-new-girl-season-3-premiere.jpgNick might not want help from the roommates. He has a Fanta and an armchair.

10-new-girl-season-3-premiere.jpgThis doesn't go too well for Schmidt.

12-new-girl-season-3-premiere.jpgActually it seems to not go well for anybody. Unless arrests are fun.

13-new-girl-season-3-premiere.jpgBack home, Schmidt has to face Cece ( Hannah Simone).

14-new-girl-season-3-premiere.jpgAnd he also has to face Elizabeth ( Merritt Wever).

15-new-girl-season-3-premiere.jpgWho will Schmidt choose? Will Jess and Nick's relationship survive Mexico? Audiences will find out when "New Girl" returns on Tuesday, Sept. 17.

Photo/Video credit: FOX