New 'Girls' Season 3 trailer features 100 percent less grave twerking

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girls-season-3-trailer-hbo.jpgIf the first trailer for "Girls" Season 3 -- and its grave twerking -- didn't do it for you, may we suggest the second trailer HBO has released for the new episodes?

Hannah Horvath ( Lena Dunham) is as Hannah-y as ever in the new clip. Take this exchange between our heroine and her friends at a diner: "I'm really, really not hungry so maybe you can just order me pancakes and turkey bacon, and I guess if they don't have turkey bacon then I'll have regular bacon, and a milkshake. Thank you."

The new footage also includes Shoshanna judging her slightly older pals -- "It's really amazing that all three of you have accomplished so little in the four years since college," she says -- and Hannah possibly having a real upswing in her writing career as she meets with a publisher.

"Everything that's been so terrible and painful in the last few months was leading me to this point," Hannah hypothesizes.

Check out the trailer below. Season 3 premieres Jan. 12, 2014 on HBO.

Photo/Video credit: HBO